Jefferson City High School
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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Friday, May 29, 2020
Time Event Details
5:00pm Hockey:Girls JV Dual  AB Lincoln LL @ Wintonbury Hills

Saturday, May 30, 2020
Time Event Details
2:00pm AFIFF act:Boys **test test long type event name that is so long and unusual-sounding the name will not fit here ever ever and ever  Jefferson Elementary vs. AB Lincoln LL @ Ahwahnee High School

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Monday, Jun 1, 2020
Time Event Details
Meeting 2 FS  Northfield Building test - Art Room

aaaaa 0A
aaaaa 0A Jefferson Lower School
aaaaa 10A
Activity Feed 10A
Activity Feed Boys 10A
Activity Feed Boys 11U Jefferson Elementary
Activity Feed Girls (Intramural Only)
Activity Feed Girls FR
Activity Feed Girls Varsity
Activity Test Boys 7/8 NLB
Activity Test Boys ALL
Activity Test Boys ALL Jefferson test 2
Activity Test Boys Ultra API
AddRosterMobile FR
alpineskiing Boys 0A
alpineskiing Boys 10A
alpineskiing Boys Rock
ana coach
Anime Cosplay Boys 0A
Anime Cosplay Girls Kouhai
Anime Cosplay Girls Senior
Anime Cosplay Girls Senior Jefferson test 1
Anime Cosplay Girls Senpai
Anime Voice Cast Boys 0A
Anime Voice Cast Boys Professional
Anime Voice Cast Girls 11U
Anime Voice Cast Girls Kouhai
Api Test Boys 0A
Api Test Boys JV Jefferson Lower 2
Api Test Boys JV Jeff LL
API TEST INT Boys **test Jefferson Hope MS
API TEST INT Boys **test Jefferson Faith HS
Api Test NC Boys Freshman
AQUA 0A Fairport 1
Asus Boys 0A
Asus Boys 10U Jefferson Lower School
Asus Boys Pop
Asus Boys Zero
Badminton Varsity
Badminton Varsity Fairport 1
Badminton Boys 11U
Badminton Boys 7/8 NLB
Badminton Boys 8th Grade
Badminton Boys 8th Grade Jefferson Lower School
Badminton Boys 8th Grade Jefferson Faith HS
Badminton Boys 9A Jefferson Faith HS
Badminton Boys 9A
Badminton Boys Freshman
Badminton Boys JV
Badminton Boys Sophomore
Badminton Boys Sophomore Fairport 1
Badminton Boys Sophomore
Badminton Boys Varsity
Badminton Girls 7th & 8th
Badminton Girls Varsity
Badminton Girls Varsity Reserve
Baseball Varsity
Baseball - Practice
Baseball Boys B Squad
Baseball Boys JV
Baseball Boys Professional
Baseball Boys Senior Jefferson Lower School
Baseball Boys Varsity
Baseball Boys Varsity Jefferson Lower School
Baseball Girls 0A
Baseball Girls B Squad
Baseball Girls JV
Baseball Practice
Basketball Boys JV
Basketball Boys Mod A Fairport 1
Basketball Boys Mod A Fairport 2
Basketball Boys Sophomore
Basketball Boys Varsity
Basketball Boys Varsity
Basketball Girls JV
Basketball Girls Varsity
Benthik Girls 6th
Benthik Girls Varsity
Bowling Boys 11U
Bowling Boys 11U Jefferson Lower School
Bowling Boys Freshman
Bowling Boys Sophomore
Bowling Boys Varsity
Boys Sara Boys Varsity
Cheer Dancing Girls Freshman
Choir Varsity
Choirudin Practice
Coding Boys E
Coding Boys Pop
Cross Country Boys 0A
Cross Country Boys Freshman
Cross Country Boys Varsity
Cross Country Girls Varsity
Crossover Baseball JV
Dancing Girls 9A
Dancing Girls Senior
Dancing Girls Varsity
Egrang Boys Varsity
Engklek Boys Sophomore
Exercise Girls Apple
Field Hockey Girls Sophomore
Field Hockey Girls Varsity
Field Hockey Girls Varsity Jefferson Lower School
Figure Skating Boys JV
Figure Skating Girls Varsity
Fine test
FineArt Practice
Football Boys JV
Football Boys LevelI
Football Boys MS
Football Boys MS Jefferson Lower School
Football Boys Professional
Go Back To The Door Boys Varsity
Golf Boys Rock
Golf Girls FR
Golf Girls FR Jefferson Lower School
golf test
Gymnastics Girls Freshman
Gymnastics Girls JV
I am yours Girls Master
Kickball Varsity
Kickball Boys Varsity
Lacrosse Girls 11U
NEKERAN Sophomore
Ngeband Boys 10U
Painting 0A
Painting Girls FR
Pineball Girls 0A
Pineball Girls 0A Fairport 1
PTA meeting
Roster #1 Boys 0A
Roster #1 Boys Varsity Jefferson Faith HS
Roster #2 Boys 10A
Roster #3 Girls Varsity
Roster #4 Girls JH
Roster #4 Girls Varsity Jefferson Faith HS
Roster API Tester Girls LevelI
Running Unified
Soccer Boys Varsity
Softball Varsity
Softball Boys JV
Swim and Dive Girls Varsity
Swimming Girls FR
Teguhactivity Boys Varsity
Tennis Boys Senior
Test API Choir Boys Senior
Test Choirudin **test
Test Roster Udin Boys Apple
Test Roster Udin Boys Varsity
Test Scores Boys Professional
Test Scores Boys Varsity Jefferson Faith HS
Test Scores Boys Varsity
TEST Udin API Boys **test
Track & Field Varsity
Training Activity
Under Pressure Varsity Jefferson Faith HS
Volley BB #2
Volleyball B Squad
Volleyball Boys Freshman
Volleyball Boys LevelI
Volleyball for Rosters